Day Trip to Tahoe

My parents, aunt, Bailey, and I spent the day at Lake Tahoe yesterday. My dad rented a boat for four hours and we had great fun zipping around the lake and taking pictures. Bailey spent most of his trip terrified and snuggled up next to my mother. He’s never been a fan of water (he hates baths) and the boat ride was too fast and bumpy for his taste. Poor baby bear.

Bailey enjoying the fresh Tahoe air.

These photos were taken from my Galaxy S4. They turned out pretty well for a camera phone! I’ll post photos from my big girl camera in a few days.

Captain Ken aka Dad. He taught me how to drive a boat yesterday. I was mildly frightened at first, but soon got the hang of it. I think I hit a whopping 10 mph!
A pretty little rainbow that appeared in our wake.
My family enjoying the view. My mom and aunt prefer to stay internet anonymous. 🙂


  1. It looked like you and the family had a beautiful day. Is Capt. Ken a pro at boating? Watch out for Patty – she can go 10mph on the lake. What a way to end your Aunt’s vacation!!!

  2. Will invite Carmencita to our next trip then she’ll know how fast Ken goes huh! Veeeery fast..and I think Bo loves it, but not Bailey!:)

  3. Oh, I’m so proud that I took that picture of Patty and Bailey and it turned out so natural and beautiful. Am I good or what?

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