A Few More Tahoe Pictures

Here are a few photos taken with my DSLR from our Tahoe outing:

Another wake picture. My dad sped the boat around in circles so I could get a good shot. 🙂
I was running out of things to photograph by the end of the day so I decided to take an abstract approach.
Bailey safe in the arms of his grandma.
And last but not least, a black and white photo for Carmencita.


  1. The shots are great. They make the food and company even more appealing. I’m sure the food was terrific! I think the honeydew melon is Korean. So technically Paul had Korean as well! I wish I could have been there. I’m pouting like my friend, Bailey. I love the blog.

  2. Beautiful shots, Bo! We all had fun and I’m sure my sister enjoyed that day as much as my daughter did. Poor Bailey, no fun on the boat huh! And my man also became Jackie Chan by wearing that hat..haha..

      • Patty, our wedding was my first time there, and I was pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous surroundings. We then chose to have our winter wedding (with family) in Germany. The two settings couldn’t have been more different.

        Looks like your little Maltese enjoyed the outing just as much as you and your family. My parents are also Maltese owners. The dogs have such nice personalities.

      • I’m perusing your blog and am enjoying all of your travel pictures. Perhaps one day I will be lucky enough to do the same! *fingers crossed* 🙂

        Bailey is a mix of Shih-tzu and Maltese and has the funniest personality. He cracks me up on a regular basis. Are there pictures of your parents’ dogs on your blog? I will have to search for them if there are.

      • Patty, we were lucky to have embarked on a sabbatical almost two years ago next month. It took us through Southeast Asia, North America and parts of Europe.

        So interesting – I see that you’re a teacher (that’s what I studied as an undergraduate) and that you teach a bit of Vietnamese. My husband, Shawn, and I spent a few weeks in Vietnam last winter. I’d been to Hanoi on my own as a single gal several years before, and during our sabbatical trip we made it to Saigon/Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Hoi An, Hue and Vinh before crossing into Laos. I’d love to have a bowl of Pho right now, as well as some of the treats that we learned to cook in Hoi An. I also miss the kind people we met there.

        Interesting about Bailey’s background – I just saw the Maltese in him. I don’t think there are any pics of my parents’ pups on my site yet, but I’ll have to change that. 🙂

      • My family is from Nha Trang! It sounds like you enjoyed your travels to Vietnam. I was born there in 1982, my family escaped in 1985, and we were sponsored to the U.S. by my father’s side of the family after ten months in the refugee camps. I’ve been back a handful of times to visit my grandmother and other maternal relatives. There’s nothing like the food there, is it? Even here, the food just doesn’t have the same kick as it does back home. And what can’t a good, steaming bowl of pho cure? Yum!

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