Half Moon Bay

The start of a new school year next week means scrambling to savor every last bit of summer before it’s too late. With this in mind, we decided to head out to Half Moon Bay for some refreshing coastal air. Our first stop was at Colombo’s Deli in Pacifica (one of our favorite things to do is stop off in new places and discover local eateries). Drinks, chips, and two huge sandwiches packed to-go and we were on our way again.

Here we are enjoying our picnic on the beach:

The Boston Grinder: mortadella, genoa salami, ham, and cheese on a sourdough roll with lots of mayo, lettuce, and tomato. The “lots of mayo” description was what sold me. I love mayo!

As we ate, Bailey wandered around us, getting sand all over his face. I kept Bailey on-leash for his own safety since he has a habit of chasing after larger dogs.

Bailey couldn't comprehend why his fellow fur friends willingly splashed and played in the water.
Bailey couldn’t comprehend why his fellow fur friends liked the water so much. He thought they were nuts!
Loving the breeze on his face.
Loving the breeze on his face.
Making Bailey take pictures with me is no easy task!
Making Bailey take pictures with me is no easy task!

After lunch, we took a walk along the coastal route. The sunny, blue-skied weather we enjoyed during our picnic was quickly replaced by grey, overcast skies. The clouds had rolled in before we knew it, but we didn’t mind since it made our stroll quite pleasant. Here are some random photos I shot along the way:

Lots of birds overhead.
Plenty of birds overhead.
Stacked rocks in a front yard.
Stacked rocks in a front yard.
Pretty and prickly succulents.
Pretty and prickly succulents.
This ginormous dead fish was rotting on the beach. It reminded me of the show “River Monsters” and the gigantic catfish that Jeremy Wade reels in after stalking them for days (or weeks) on end.

On our way back, we stopped in Montara to snap some photographs of the Point Montara Lighthouse. Ever since my good friend, Carmencita, told me that she loves lighthouses, I’ve kept an eye out for them so I can take pictures for her. In the last year, I’ve visited four lighthouses, but only photographed three since the fog was so heavy during the Point Arena visit that it was impossible to get a shot.

Lost? Go this way!
Lost? Go this way!
Point Montara Lighthouse
Point Montara Lighthouse
I was drawn in by the texture of the rope.
Rope textures are neat.

I must say, this blog has re-energized my creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday and had a great time taking photos. Even better is being able to share with you all! 🙂



  1. Wow! Great photos! The photos with the ocean monster doesn’t do it justice. That thing was huge (and smelly)! You are very creative with the shots and have a wonderful eye. I feel like I missed a lot–and I was even there.

  2. Beautiful shots but I just don’t like the dead fish (looks like a snake to me). I love this picture of you and Bailey, you both are always so cute (thanks to Greg) and I’m glad you all enjoyed your day (especially Bailey).:)

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