I stopped by school the other day to set up a few things in my classroom. My principal had brought some home-grown peaches and left them in a basket in the office for us to enjoy. I plucked two little ones from the bounty and tossed them in my purse. Later that night, as I was editing a senior photo session, I decided to have one as a snack. Boy, was it good! I hadn’t expected much since other home-grown peaches I’ve indulged in weren’t that tasty, but these peaches were super sweet and juicy. I was so delightfully surprised that I sent my principal an email, raving about how tasty the peaches were. Nice man that he is, he responded and said he would bring me more. He said he would set aside his best peaches for me, and he wasn’t kidding! I picked them up today and was so inspired by them that I decided to devote a whole blog post to the peaches. So, this is my ode to Stan’s peaches. Whatta guy!

Peaches galore!
Peaches galore!


  1. I had peaches from the same batch and truly agree with the sweetness of them. The photos make me want to eat the last one that I have.

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