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Davis Farmer’s Market

I am a proud U.C. Davis alumna. I love everything Davis and often go back to grocery shop, dine, or hold photo sessions at the arboretum. Every once in a while I find time to attend the seasonal Picnic in the Park, held on Wednesday evenings from about March to October. The market is small, but full of personality, just like good ‘ol Davis. 

Veggies galore!

Veggies galore!

I have a thing for grape pictures.

I have a thing for grape pictures.

Folks setting up their stands.

Folks setting up their stands.

More grapes.

More grapes!

The food vendors are my favorite part of the market. I usually circle around a minimum of three times before I can decide. So many tantalizing options, so little stomach room! Today Carmencita and I decided to throw caution to the wind (we were celebrating our first day back at teaching) and have dessert first. There was a new (new to me, anyhow) ice cream stand called Sugar Daddies and their list of selections caught our eye. Apple pie, balsamic strawberry, avocado coconut, and a couple of others. They had me at avocado coconut. Or was it apple pie? I don’t know, but I tasted both and swooned.


No joke.

It was a close race, but I finally decided on the avocado coconut, in a waffle cone, naturally. Man oh man. I could have eaten a tub of that stuff. Creamy, cool, not overly sweet, and oh so coconut-ty. I am mildly addicted to coconut and any coconut-related products, but that is a blog post for another day. 🙂

Balsamic strawberry ice cream.

Balsamic strawberry ice cream.

Avocado. Coconut. Ice. Cream. 'Nuff said.

Avocado. Coconut. Ice. Cream. ‘Nuff said.

After dessert, we chose the pad thai from Thai Recipes for dinner. Thai Recipes is my favorite Thai eatery in Davis. Must haves are the pad thai and pad prik king. The wok breath on their pad thai is amazing. (Yes, wok breath. It is a real thing and it is delicious when present in stir fry foods!)

Vegetarian pad thai. Deep fried tofu makes me smile.

Vegetarian pad thai. Deep fried tofu makes me smile.

Dinner al fresco is always a delight, but dinner al fresco at Picnic in the Park with a great friend is hard to beat. What a fine way to end the first day of the 2013-2014 school year!



  1. Bailey's friend says

    Great photos! Food looks yummy. I’m sure the company was great.

  2. Myhau says

    Where are my grapes (don’t you remember I love grapes?)? Too bad you didn’t get any, they look so good though and I bet they are sweet too.:)

  3. Stunning second grapes photo with the partial light!!!!! Wow! Been to Davis once and I loved it because it was hot and dry!

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