Black & White Bailey

I love taking pictures of Bailey. Bailey loves not taking pictures. Hmm.

I snapped several (okay, several dozen) shots of Bailey at my parents’ house this weekend. I took so many pictures that even my parents got annoyed and told me to leave Bailey alone. I can’t help it. His face is so fluffy and cute. Especially when he gets mad at me for getting overly paparazzi on him. Poor Bailey.

Some of my favorite pictures of BayBay have been black and white conversions, so I thought I’d make this entire set black and white. Ahh, I can never get enough of his fluffiness!

One of the first shots. See how happy he still is?
One of the first shots. See how happy he still is?
Bailey's serious face.
Bailey’s serious face.
Bailey pondering why I won't leave him alone.
Bailey pondering why I won’t leave him alone.
Bailey trying to hide.
Bailey trying to hide.

I think Bailey secretly loves posing for me. He is such a princess that I wouldn’t put it past him. 😉


      • Bailey hates the camera so I often have to hold it with one hand and a treat right above the lens with the other. He avoids eye contact as much as possible when he sees me bring it out. Silly guy.

      • The definitely become a part of the family, don’t they? My parents just said goodbye to their older Maltese; she was 16 and had a long life on two continents. Still, it was so hard to say goodbye. The younger dog will soon turn six. She was actually formerly mine, but had great separation anxiety when I was at work. She’s been spoiled – to say the least – by her adoptive parents, and I get to see her all the time.

      • Oh yes, my parents refer to themselves as Bailey’s grandparents. He is one spoiled baby! I’m sorry to hear about your parents’ older dog. I don’t think our fur family members lives are long enough. I can’t wait to see pictures of Gigi!

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