Two weeks ago I rented the 85mm 1.4 to see what all the fuss was about. The BF offered to purchase the lens for me if I wanted it and I was almost certain I would. Well, one week and two photo shoots later, I decided that I am perfectly happy with the lenses I already have and can’t justify the price tag of this particular lens. I think I made a wise decision given that none of my favorite photos from this session were taken with the 85mm. Go figure!

This is Jessica, by the way. She was my student a few years ago and is now studying criminal justice. One of my seniors had to reschedule her shoot and I wanted more practice with the 85mm so I scrolled through my Facebook feed in search of someone to come to my rescue before I had to return the lens. Jessica was a delight to photograph and we had so much fun walking around downtown Sacramento. Here are the highlights of her session:










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