A-Z Photo Project | A is for Aperture

Here is the first photo for my A-Z Photo Project. A is for Aperture! To get this shot, I gently plopped my 24-70mm on the ground in my backyard and shot down at it with my 105mm macro. If you look closely enough you can see my reflection leaning over the lens. I love all the colors in this photo. It was cloudy and overcast, but the light did beautiful things with the glass.

A is for Aperture



      • It’s when people link up their posts with one another. Also called a “blog hop.” Usually there’s a “party host” blogger and other bloggers link their blogs to the host so everybody can view what she/he does with the particular challenge or assignment. I thought of hosting a Fiesta Friday link party, but not sure if I’m up for it. Hosting can entail a lot of work, too. i

      • Oh that sounds fun! I am actually doing that on FB with this A-Z Project. I host a small group and we share our photos with each other. I started it last year with my Project 52 and we decided to keep going because it’s such fun. But Angie, I don’t think I have enough people who read my blog to do a blog hop. Hmmm. I’d love for you to join the A-Z with me–I guarantee your creativity will blow me out of the water!!!

      • Thanks for the invite, Patty. I promise I’ll give it a try, and work around the 24-hr limitation/day. 🙂 If only there’s more time to do everything! But, I’ll give it a shot, ok?

      • Hurrah, how fun! Also, there’s really no limitation for this project. The goal is one picture, approximately every two weeks. And you can get as creative as you’d like with your interpretation of the letter. Objects, feelings, phrases, etc., will all work as long as you make the connection!

Please tell me what you think!

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