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A-Z Photo Project | C is for Colored Circles

It’s finally raining here in Northern California! Wheee! I thought it would be fun to shoot abstract bokeh shots of car lights in the rain so my mom, Bailey, and I piled into my car, parked in a lot in front of a busy intersection, and took some photos. I love Saturdays with my family! 🙂

C is for Colored Circles

Now here’s a pullback of what the scene looked like from the inside of my car:

C is for Colored Circles-2




    • Yes, but he was worried since it was out of our routine. I think he was nervous about going to the V-E-T for a few moments there. Hehe. Bailey is so funny and obvious.

  1. Patty, when you get a chance can you give me some direction or share how you became such a wonderful photographer . . . besides the obvious element of passion/interest, did you begin with taking a class, workshop, etc. Also, your recommendations on equipment, etc. Many thanks!!!

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