Macro Monday | Week 7

Lucky me, I had Valentine’s Day off as part of a four-day weekend. I purchased heart-shaped Jolly Rancher lollipops for my students and passed them out on Thursday. In return, I received a box of conversation hearts from my principal after a minor issue during 2nd period. Nothing makes me see red more quickly than kids who are tardy and then kick/pound on my door, demanding to be let in the classroom. If you’re tardy, you can stay out there until I am ready to let you in. It drives me utterly insane, I tell you. Anyhow, my principal happened to walk in after the incident and when I told him about it, pulled out the box of candy from his pocket and gave them to me to help alleviate my high blood pressure. I thought it was a nice gesture, even though he was re-gifting his Valentine’s candy to me. 😉

Macro Monday 7


    • Of course you would never! I have a student who is tardy nearly every day for 1st period and he is one of my favorite kids. Sweet as can be, always knocks politely, and gets straight to work when he comes in. I wish the others were like that!

      P.S. Did you catch the story about Bailey I posted yesterday? I think you’ll get a big kick out of it! 😉

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