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A-Z Photo Project | D is for Delicate

It’s only February, yet spring is already in the air. I’ve been taking allergy medicine and admiring the cherry blossoms, tulips, and daffodils that have been popping up everywhere I turn. As much as I love spring flowers, I’ve still got my fingers crossed for more rain!

I took this photo at work before classes last week. The kids thought it would be funny to take pictures of me taking pictures of the flowers until I hollered at them to go away. They all laughed and complied with their crazy Ms. Nguyen. πŸ™‚

I was originally going to use this as a Macro Monday shot, but I thought the delicate petals would be perfect for the letter D instead.

D is for Delicate

Cell phone pullback of the tree.

Cell phone pullback of the tree.



  1. CTachera says

    I didn’t realize we have such a “beauty” at Yolo. Oh yeah!! The staff are delicate and beautiful people.

    • Yeah, I got paranoid that I’d end up on Twitter or Instagram looking all kinds of stupid. Kids and their social media, these days. I’m afraid!

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