Bailey on the Bus!

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation at my school about the Vietnam War and my own personal history as a refugee/boat person. I have given this presentation for four years now, and my parents have joined me for the last two. It can get a bit emotional and there is always a handful of students and staff who need tissues halfway through. I was going to share one of the videos I put together on this blog, but complications arose, WP wants me to pay $60/year for VideoPress, then I got busy so it never happened. Anyhow, long story short, my family and I escaped Vietnam by boat when I was two and a half years old, stayed in three different refugee camps in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore for ten months, then arrived in the U.S. in 1985. My parents are amazing people and have worked tirelessly since then to care for our family. They are entrepreneurs and have owned and operated their own thriving furniture business for over 20 years. I am so proud of them! And don’t forget to mention grateful!

Now that I’ve given you some background information, here is the story behind this post. My parents’ latest advertisement project (they usually have a few going on at any given moment–in print, on air (radio and tv), and online…go visit them at!) is with the Regional Transit System. My father, who adores Bailey, has always wanted to incorporate him in the store ads. Well, it finally happened and I am going to share the sneak peak with you! I fell over laughing when I saw it because Bailey just looks too cute!

Bailey on the bus!
Bailey on the bus! Oh, he is living up to his nickname, Sir Fluffy Bottoms!
My colleague said I need to negotiate compensation and royalties on Bailey's behalf. He said I'm a terrible agent.
My colleague said I need to negotiate compensation and royalties on Bailey’s behalf. He said I’m a terrible agent. I brought this up to my father and am still waiting for a response. Hehe.

I think this whole thing is hilarious and I can’t stop sharing it! The buses will be done in two weeks and I am going to take Bailey so he can have his picture taken in front of a bus with his picture on it! I can’t wait! Haha!


  1. Wow Patty- I am so glad you shared your story! What an amazing story it is! I would love to get to be in your classroom and hear it! I would totally be one of those people crying and needing lots of tissue! What a blessing it is to your students to have you and your parents come and share so vulnerably!
    I love the add! Bailey is the best! So, so love Bailey! πŸ™‚ And LOL about waiting for a response concerning Bailey’s compensation! πŸ™‚

    • I’ll try to write up a post about it soon. I finally have spring break the week after next, so fingers crossed! But I am somehow always overbooked during break and then complain I didn’t really have a break. πŸ˜‰ Bailey is pretty darn funny. And I don’t think I’ll be getting a response about his compensation. My dad will probably just give him extra treats as payment!

      • Hahaha….and extra treats is probably exactly what Bailey would want! πŸ™‚
        I’m glad spring break is coming up for you….hope you are able to relax some! No overbooking! ❀
        Your story truly is amazing Patty! So glad to know a small part of it!

      • Thank you for sharing your own story AND the story of Bailey’s ad. Both are fantastic!
        Also, if you like dog stories, check out my website, I’m posting chapters from my book-in-progress, “Funny Tails: Adventures and Misadventures in Living with Pugs,” a lighthearted look at life with our 3 pugs plus various foster pugs from Pug Rescue of North Carolina. Readers tell me it’s pretty funny.
        Best wishes,
        Maija (pronounced My-uh)

  2. Omg, he is sooo cute! I love this bus ad! It would definitely catch my attention. I’m sorry you couldn’t upload the video since I would have loved to see your story (and your parents’ story). I think one way you can upload them here for free is if you upload them to your youtube channel and then link them. WP can’t charge for that! Anyhoo, can’t wait to see pics of Bailey, the famous ad dog, in front of his own ad. πŸ™‚

    • Angie gave me the YouTube idea, too, but I’m not sure I want my video on that platform. It’s too big and scary for me! My little blog is much cozier! And I can’t wait to see Bailey’s fluffy face on the side of a bus. There are supposed to be 15 total!

  3. Can’t wait for the ad … I might need to go to the lot where the buses are parked do I can get a better view without getting into an accident driving around Sacramento.

  4. Thank you for sharing a snippet of your story Patty. I hope you can figure out a way to load the video (hopefully Ngan’s YouTube advice will help), as I would be honored to view the whole story. It sounds as if you have wonderful and very heart strong parents!
    As for Bailey…Lol! What a star πŸ™‚ I do believe sales may soar…a meet and greet with Bailey may be necessary at the store…photo ops and all with customers who spend big!

    • Nancy, I’ll try to do a write up during my spring break! I don’t really want to put my video on YouTube since it’s such a ginormous platform. I’d rather just keep it here, but a yearly fee doesn’t really sound good to me right now! And that would be fantastic if sales soar because of little ol’ Baybay! I worry about his ego, though. It’s already out of this world!! πŸ˜‰

  5. Patty: you are such a good daughter who is grateful to her parents for giving you a powerful and more vocal life, making their way through difficult passages! A big hug to you and the parents :).
    Mr. Fluffy Bottoms…Bailey is so adorable in this ad campaign :))….
    Thanks for sharing :)).

  6. I do hope you find a way of getting the video to us. And as for Bailey, we all knew he was a star, but glad he has been discovered. So cute!

    • Yes, Hilda, I’m looking into it! Maybe I’ll do a trial version of VideoPress for a month so you can all see the video. I wonder if they allow that?? Too funny about Bailey being a star. Perhaps we should keep it a secret from him, just in case his ego gets too big! πŸ˜›

  7. Bailey is going to sell sooooo much furniture! I love that his grandparents knew this, and I am sure they will pay him generously, with snacks. So, when are you turning your presentation into a memoir?!

    • Hahah, his grandparents give him too much credit. It’s pretty funny. Did you know that Bailey is bilingual? My mom discovered that the first time she doggy-sat for me. He can understand everything she says in Vietnamese! As for that memoir…I barely have time to write a few paragraphs for my blog posts! But I have thought about it, so maybe one of these days…:D

      • These puppy dogs are ridiculously smart, especially when treats are referred to by both their English and Vietnamese names on a regular basis. When you’re ready to do the memoir, I’m sure Bailey will be there to help encourage you, and make sure you take frequent breaks to go out and smell the flowers.

      • Bailey has gotten in the habit of curling up in my lap as I work at the computer. He is finally becoming the cuddler I always knew he was! But only for five minute increments. πŸ˜›

  8. Patty, thank you so much for sharing part of your family’s story! I can imagine how emotional it must get to tell and to hear the story. So amazing that you and your parents are giving these presentations and educating people on that piece of history. A little piece of my story: my family hosted a Vietnamese refugee in the 70s. I was a little girl, 3 or 4, when my sister and I “found” him in our neighborhood in rural Maine. He was among about 30 refugees (all young adults) looking for homes/families to host and we brought him home. I am so grateful to my parents for letting him stay with us. My new big brother Man opened my world, I have many fond memories of him, then years later we lost touch. I hope to find him again someday, to try to understand his story now as an adult. I’d like to hear his perspective on the journey that led him to rural Maine, what he left behind, and how he’s doing now. I would love to learn more about your story too, Patty. Thanks for bringing back memories. Hugs, -Laura

    • What a wonderful story, Laura. What big hearts you and your family have for taking in Man. How long did he stay with your family? Did he arrive in the U.S. by himself? How old was he? I have so many questions! We were sponsored by my dad’s older brother so we had family waiting for us here. I hope you are able to find Man one day. Do you have his last name? What a reunion that will be. β™‘

      My boyfriend just told me that I can upload my video on Vimeo and password protect it. Then I can share the password with my friends on WP! I will start working on that and share more of my story as soon as I can!

      • Looking forward to seeing the video πŸ™‚ About Man, I think he was in his early twenties, and he came without any family members, but was friends with some others in the group that came to Maine. I do have his full name; I’m going to do some searching when I’m home in Maine this summer. Now that my daughter is about the age I was when Man stayed with us (I think it was for about 6 months), I’m feeling more determined to find him. It’s hard to make sense as an adult of what happened through a 4-year-old’s eyes, and I have so many unanswered questions.

  9. I was a teenager during the Vietnam War – not good memories for a war that was not supported by many. Thanks so much for sharing a side I have never heard and your experiences have made you what you are today. Now to Bailey – thumbs up – he had better get lots of treats or maybe a special chicken dinner.

    • Most people haven’t heard this side of the story and that’s why I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to share with my students. πŸ™‚ And Bailey would love a nice chicken dinner! That’s his favorite protein!

  10. Bailey is a star! Love your story, the add and your fluffy bottomed friend! Thanks Patty, for sharing a bit of your life & origins!

  11. Bailey is a star. Love, love, love this. Your family sounds amazing. Your class is so lucky to have you as a teacher; these are the kind of personal stories that make lasting impressions on young minds. Just like your cooking in class.

    Not sure why I haven’t been getting notifications of your posts. This has been an ongoing thing lately.

  12. Mr. Bailey Fluffy Bottoms sure is a star, Patty. Just like you’re thankful for everything your parents have done, I’m sure Bailey is too- he better be πŸ˜‰ You’ve made him so popular. Lovely story and post. Do tell us when the video is out.

  13. Ha, now this makes sense. As I had noticed this post last night when I popped into your Home Page – which looks great (it was too late then to view this)!
    I’m looking for a new theme for Kitschnflavours, which will have to have a decent HP. Anyway, Bailey is adorable!

  14. I remember hearing about the boat people when I was young and wondering what would happen to you all – so glad things turned out OK for you and your parents. As for Bailey, he’s clearly a star and perfect for your parents’ ad – what a clever idea!

  15. Wow what a story, I’d love to know more. It’s amazing how much courage and endurance we can go through when we never realised we could. I would also need some tissues…
    That is so cute of Bailey to pose as a model for their furniture adverts. He is so adorable!

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