Macro Monday | Week 14

I took a short stroll over to the field by my classroom to get these dandelion macro shots and endured a terrible allergy attack afterward, all in the name of art. I was only out there for about 15 minutes, but that was enough time to cause some serious damage. No matter, because I accomplished what I set out to do! Good thing, too, because a groundskeeper drove by on one of those big, huge lawnmowers and cut all the dandelions’ heads off as I headed back to my room. Oh, the travesty!


Macro Monday 14


Macro Monday 14-2



  1. Fabulous photos! The detail is amazing…I never knew the humble dandelion, in it’s fuzzy form, could be so beautiful! Can’t wait for next Monday 🙂

  2. My hubby and I have had several allergy attacks within the last week or so! Your macro shots let me get as close as I want to nature (maybe even closer) without having to pop Claritin like it’s candy…so pretty…thanks Patty!! 😉

  3. They are beautiful photos. I appreciate that you have shown how beautiful dandelions really are. If they were rare and hard to find, we would probably be prepared to pay a fortune for them.

  4. Stunning — and an inspiration.
    I’m putting my extension tubes in my camera pack for when the opportunity arrises.
    Feel better with your allergy.

      • I really like them. I use them two ways, just as is or with the lens reverse mounted. With the G lens it’s kind of pain. I’ve been looking for an adaptor to let me control the aperture, otherwise I have to manually hold it open. With other lenses I can set the aperture, remove the lens, and keep the aperture open to the last use setting. That’s how I too my first macro shots (with seeds a while back).

        I have the 105mm Nikor but the 50mm reversed takes closer shots.

        What are you using for your macro?

      • Keep in mind I’ve only been behind the camera for six weeks. Sharpness hasn’t been an issue for what I’ve been doing, but depth of field can be. So I really bracket the shots and chose those which appeal to what I want to say. There’s a technique I want to use in Photoshop (when I eventually get it) which layers the different DOF shots into one compost image for a sharp focus shot on all plains in the DOF.

        From what I’ve been reading the options for magnification are more limited for Nikon that with other brands. The Canon, for example, has the 6x lens and Pentax has a 5x lens. I tried the lens magnification extensions in the shop and I like the results from the extension tubes best.

        Fhe extension tubes are cheep, especially compared to that 105mm, so I think they’re a good investment. 😉 They seem to be a good bridge to bellows,, meaning if we find utility with the extension tubes, bellows would be the natural upgrade.

        Have you tried lens reversal?

      • Welcome to your new money drain! Haha, learning photography is a ton of fun. I’ve not tried lens reversal because I have a morbid fear of getting dust in my camera! My D600 already came with dusty sensor issues and I’m so wary of it. Nikon has replaced the shutter but I’m already seeing more spots. Bleagh!

      • Tell me about it! I jump into things, so I purchased 4 lenses from the go, then the macro stuff, and now filters. I call it my Nikon Bong because I can’t get enough (and it’s changed my perspective on things).


      • That is too funny. Which lenses did you purchase? I have the 50mm 1.4, 24-70mm 2.8, 105mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, and a few lenses from my DX days. I mostly use the 105mm for my food and macro shots. I have what is called GAS, otherwise known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome. 😀

      • I bought the 105mm with the camera body (D7100) then purchased the 12 – 24mm wide zoom (my favorite). Then I got the 50mm macro, which is perfect for reverse lens. I recently purchased the 70mm – 300mm which has become my walk around lens when in a crowd.

        I’m thinking about getting a 35mm made just for the DX, but I know one day I’ll get an FX, so I’m hemming and hawing on that one.

        My next purchases are going to be ND filters. I really took a shine to slow night photography. I want to do the same in the day. Yesterday I got the Cokin filter holders and polarizers. If it doesn’t rain this weekend, I’m going out to the beach to use them.

        You rose photography (this morning) was stunning, btw. How long have you been with camera, so to speak? 🙂

      • The 35mm was my first lens with my 5100 body. I loved it! Even more than the 50mm, which I purchased soon after. I have a couple ND filters, but haven’t put them to good use yet. I’ve been with camera for about 2 1/2 years now. It’s so much fun! It sounds like you’re really enjoying yourself as well!

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