A-Z Photo Project | J is for Juicy

Juicy watermelon, just in time for summer!

J is for Juicy



    • It sure was, Lori! How was your week?? I’ve been so busy. I had photo classes every night this week (which meant I didn’t get home until around 10 PM), then I had a sunset photo session yesterday. This is the first week I’ll be missing FF. Too dang busy!

      • I know, I missed you this week and at Fiesta Friday! Was your class good? Are you glad you took it? I can imagine you are exhausted after such a busy week!

      • I didn’t take classes, Lori, I taught them! πŸ˜€ So now I teach high school as my day job, and I teach photography classes a few nights a week! I’m pooped!!

      • I’m laughing so hard right now!!! Of course you taught them…what was I thinking?! πŸ˜€ ROFLOL!! Ya, I can imagine how tired you are…busy, busy girl! When does school let out and summer begin?

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