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Macro Monday | Week 22

Thank goodness for my visit to the botanical gardens. Had it not been for all those photos, I’d be weeks behind on this project. I love when planning ahead works out so well. But no worries, Thursday will be my last day of teaching and I’ll have loads more time on my hands. I only have to worry about my photography classes at night, but that’s nothing compared to my day job! πŸ˜€

Macro Monday 22



  1. Vibrant purple. Love that color! Yes, planning ahead is always a win. Goodness I have yet to sit dow. Again and post another. Perhaps maybe this week will slow down and I can get i to the swing of things on the blog. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Sonal. This one was a bit tricky because of its height so I had to take a lot of practice shots before I got a good one. πŸ™‚

  2. Whoa, your skills are getting a little out of hand. This is stunning! I love the color, wonder where you found this !

    • San Francisco once again! Yay! But oh the horror, I only have a few photos left from my visit to the gardens. I better start shooting again soon!

  3. Beautiful! Every time I visit your blog, the array of colors and detail alone is a feast for my eyes. I love your eye for beauty and the way you capture it in each shot.

  4. Hi there Patty, missed you at the party last week, hope all is well and you’re not too crazy at work!

  5. Patty, I have nominated your for The writing process blog tour. Stay tune tomorrow for details! I hope you participate. =)

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