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A-Z Photo Project | M is for Monochrome

One of the few photos from my north coast road trip last week. I was in a photography funk and couldn’t seem to get good shots. I blame Instagram. I’m having too much fun with my camera phone and making everything a square crop. (Not really because the square crop thing is starting to get old and restrictive!) Anyway, as I was editing my photos I realized that my Nikon is acting up again and needs to be sent in for service. Gah, I do not like being without my camera. I feel as if I’m missing an appendage. :/


M is for Monochrome



  1. CTachera says

    You know how I feel about black and white… Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Well, you may have been in a funk but this is a nice shot, makes me calm just looking at it

    • Somewhere between Fort Bragg and Eureka…we occasionally pull off on the side of the road to take in the scenery. πŸ™‚

  3. I totally feel the same way about my camera. Hope yours gets well soon! Also — this is a beautiful shot. I would love to live in that house!

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