Macro Monday | Week 33

Well, summer sure flew by. I had an amazingly relaxing first month off, followed by a busy and hectic second month. There will be a lot of new changes this year at work, but that’s par for the course. Teaching at a continuation high school pretty much guarantees limited stability, which has been difficult for me since I sort of maybe hate change. Yes, yes, change can be good, but good golly gee whiz, does there have to be soΒ  much of it?? Anyhoo, I have a feeling this is going to be a great year. I spent a good part of summer trying to process and brace myself for a completely different school year than I had anticipated, but after meeting with my new principal last week, I am much more settled and at ease. We’ll have two days of in-service this week, with students returning on Wednesday. My classroom and lesson plans are ready to go and I sure hope I will be, too! πŸ˜€


Macro Monday 33


  1. Beautiful flower – one of my sister’s works for her local school system and there are a lot of changes going on – hopefully all for the best – she is trying to stay positive and I know you will too πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Patty, I had to smile, my sister-in-law teaches (elementary) she was in the Private (Christian Sector for over 20 years) the last 5 in public school system. Her transition (even on Master’s level was challenging). They decided (School Board) to move her from 1st to 2nd grade this school term. She is okay with that! I kept thinking there is a reason for this switch (she was notified via email less than 2 weeks before school term began). The children (her school is in Georgia) start earlier than our children in Florida. On Friday, she happened to see her school Principal over another issue who asked her how things were going in the 2nd grade thus far? Her answer well! The Principal ( a female administrator) smiled and said we really need YOU to excel these students to the next grade level (that being 3rd), no student can be left behind to repeat a grade level. The County in which she teaches is the third poorest county in the State of Georgia (teaching is her calling and she is okay with her school system!). Upon her review of State requirements in a few subjects my sister-in-law questioned who’s following this criteria-no one?! The second grade is a mess. Being the very quiet, intellect that she is, she only shared this information with myself and her husband (a retired Teacher and Coach and my brother). Um… a massive re-vamp of second grade curriculum. No, she did not say a word she just planned her lessons according to State standards and her experience in teaching all elementary grade levels with concentration on the second grade level. She prefers 2nd or 3rd! Last year she was the Chair of first grade a daunting task with a small stipend. We all (her family) were discouraged by the time involved and encouraged her to give it up. Her Principal would not hear of that! This year she is not and will not be her grade level Chair! One less thing for her to do! My hat is off to any school teachers/educators who are all under compensated! High School has its challenges for you too. So, Patty we really do have a lot in common! Cheryl.

    • Oh my goodness! I feel for your sister in law. I teach at a continuation school with at-risk students. It’s a tough crowd but I love it. I wish your SIL a fantastic school year. I know she will be amazing!!

  3. Love this photo Patty…purple and green are so beautiful together. πŸ™‚ I can’t believe it’s already back to school time…my neighborhood became instantly quiet this week!

  4. I’m going back to work in about a week, to a new principal, too. I’m anxious to know what assignment they’ll have for me this year. I actually want a change from last year’s. Was a tough year! But haven’t heard a peep from the school. Oh well, one can only hope. πŸ™‚ Good luck with the new school year, Patty! XOXO

    • Oh, I hope they switch you to a less stressful assignment! You’re so lucky you’re still on summer vacation. I’ve been back three days and I’m already winded. Hehe. XOXO!

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