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A-Z Photo Project | R is for Reflection

This shot was taken at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Abby and her hubby were the most gracious hosts. They treated me to a delightful lunch and took me around parts of the National Mall. How time flew by that afternoon!


R is for Reflection



  1. Patty, this is quite a moving shot if you really look at it, I really like it. I found Abby’s blog through yours a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it!

  2. Abby's Kitchen says

    Great shot , Patty! I remember you taking it. We had a wonderful time with you. I only wish it was longer. Thanks for the mention love. I sure hope you’ll visit again! ❀

  3. The Vietnam Wall is an emotional walk for many…It had a great impact on me. If you ever are near D.C. do take the time to experience it. Lovely photo Patty! Cheryl.

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