A-Z Photo Project | T is for Tahoe

I met up with a photographer friend of mine at Bonsai Rock in South Lake Tahoe last weekend to experiment with long exposure photography. Mike (you can check out his work at www.lagrangephotography.com) showed me the ropes and let me borrow one of his ND filters for this shot. It was such fun! Thanks again for the tutorial, Mike. And not letting me crack my head open on the rocks! ๐Ÿ˜€

This was a 30 second exposure, shot at f16 ISO 100 with my 24-70mm at 24mm. I also need a wide angle lens now. And an ND filter. That is all.


T is for Tahoe


  1. Is that all you need? Well, if it is going to help you take gorgeous pictures, then you should have it. I wonder who would buy it for you?

    • Funny you should comment right now because I was just browsing filters and lenses online. I only need $2000 for the wide angle lens and about $200 for the filter. Sounds reasonable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. What an awesome photo! It must have been lots of fun!
    PS, when we were in LA you told me that you own like a thinner case for the camera so you can put it in a (bigger) handbag? Could send me a picture of this through WhatsApp so I know what to look out for and buy one please?

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