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Macro Monday | Week 41

Any guesses??


Macro Monday 41



  1. I didn’t do the macro monday like I told you! Another week it shall be… Beautiful photo though no idea what they might be. OK, simplyvegetarian’s is a great guess πŸ™‚

  2. They look spherical and like marbles, so I would have to guess as Sonal did. But, the first thing I thought when I saw them was “these are the freakiest contact lenses ever.”

  3. Habahabhaba I think it is the broken bowling bowl that must have hit me in the head when I was just a little kid? Cause for certain in won’t attach to me in the Atlantic Ocean. HahahahabaaaaaaaaCheryl

  4. I’ve looked at them from every angle. I think they are too small to be marbles but come in pairs so perhaps gemstones in the form of stud earrings?

  5. Abby's Kitchen says

    Great shot of?? I have no clue! Are you going to tell us eventually? πŸ˜‰

  6. Marbles – memories of my brother and I baking them. Depending on the color and design of each marble we would get such great results from what they were originally πŸ™‚

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