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Macro Monday | Week 44

Only eight more Macro Mondays left! That was fast!!

Macro Monday 44



  1. You’re sooooo good at these photos, Patty, I think you need to continue past the eight remaining! Beautiful as always. ❀

      • Hahhah..I bet it is tough to manage the deadlines AND find the perfect photo! How about “occasionally” sharing a macro-photo, then? No commitment…just sharing something special when it strikes your fancy?!?!

    • Most likely…it’s so hard to do a weekly macro!! Maybe I’ll do every other week? Or a monthly macro? What do you think?? I’m open to suggestions!

  2. Actually Patty a “hen” is a mother cacti and the “chicks” (not chickens) are the offspring. Once the “mom” goes to seed she dies and her babies continue on. It kind of looked like that around the big cactus! I am glad I made you laugh πŸ™‚

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