2015 12-Month Photo Project || April

This April, I did a family photo session for my friend Denise and baked cupcakes. Well, that’s what this month’s photo highlights will tell you I did. I’m sure there were other activities, but since I did not photograph them, I can no longer remember off the top of my head. πŸ˜‰ Ahh, end-of-year teacher brain is kicking into high gear! πŸ˜›

Photo #1
Title: Whirl


Photo #2
Title: Toes


Photo #3
Title: Blueberry Trio


Photo #4
Title: Blueberry Swirl


Photo #5
Title: Strawberry Top


Photo #6
Title: Strawberry Love



  1. Loved all the pictures Patty. The twirl and the toes are so heart warming. If I lived near you, I would have begged you to photograph my family.

    The blueberry and strawberry cuties look so damn inviting.

    I am lost in the mid of the project that I promised you to be a part of. I will be back though on the wagon once I sort my house hunting and selling thing here.

    • Well, you’ll be a lot closer soon enough, Sonal! I have family in Grand Prairie so I’ll have to let you know next time I go out there to visit them! I can’t wait to see your next photo project installment. ❀

  2. Beautiful photos Patty and your cupcakes look soooo perfect. I love how you put a fruit on top of each. I would love to make, photograph and EAT cupcakes with you, it would be fun! I am being such a bad food blogger because I forget to photograph the food. Most of the interesting stuff I make lately is at night (bad lighting). Then the other day I made something interesting during the day, I thought, I’ll photograph it for the blog. Then I forgot, ate it all up, and when I it was finished I remembered, damn I didnt shoot it! AAAHH! hehe

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