2015 12-Month Project || June

Hooray for summer vacation! But why is it already the end of June?? I need summer to pass by as sloowlyy as possible, please.

June started off with a beautiful wedding. My bff of over 20 years got married and I broke my “I don’t shoot weddings” rule to snap a few images of her getting ready before the ceremony.

During the middle of June I had another family photo session. Marrisa’s family was a breeze to shoot. Two parents and four of the sweetest kids I’ve met. They were so well behaved!

And last but not least, we took our end-of-school-year trip at the end of this month. We drove to Santa Cruz and had a wonderful weekend that kicked off with a five course farm-to-table dinner at Chaminade. I was in heaven!

Photo #1
Title: The Dress


Photo #2
Title: Make-up


Photo #3
Title: Introspection


Photo #4
Title: Sibling Love


Photo #5
Title: Thoughts


Photo #6
Title: Santa Cruz Surf Museum


Photo #7
Title: Natural Bridges



  1. Cool to see the natural bridge after seeing the “taking of” on Instagram. (Hope your camera recovered btw!) Love all the wedding ones too, especially the dress. So gorgeous!

    • Yes, we finally got that filter off! I Googled “nd filter stuck on lens” and learned a few different tricks. The one that worked for us was a rubber band around the filter to give more traction. We drove by Bay Photo the next morning and stopped in to see if they could help. They couldn’t but I asked for a rubber band and ta-da! I was finally able to breathe again!!!

  2. It sounds like you have been having an amazing time. What a beautiful portrait of your friend and the one of the children so cute but like Suzanne said wow the bridge is amazing x

  3. Patty I’mnot sure if I already commented here, I think not but its go good you broke your don’t photograph at weddings rule because these photos are beautiful, and I’m sure because they are by you it makes them more special to her.
    I love the photo Natural Bridges xx

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