2015 12-Month Project || July

Oh July…why are you over? I barely got to know you and now August is but a night’s sleep away. We have less than three weeks left before the new school year starts. I don’t know how I feel about that. Well, actually I do, but I think it’s better I not write about it in a blog post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Photo #1
Title: Donner Lake

We spent another fun 4th of July at my parents’ condo at Donner Lake. We get front row seating for the fireworks show, which is pretty cool.


Photo #2
Title: Sparkly

Set the camera on bulb mode and pressed the wireless trigger a bajillion times.


Photo #3
Title: Camden

Say hello to Camden and his mommy and daddy. Such a fun photo session. Camden does not take bad pictures, I tell you.


Photo #4
Title: Pretty in Pink

This fellow followed us around for a bit at the San Francisco Zoo. My colleague and I took a group of students there for the day. If you’re on IG or Facebook, you’ve seen the selfies with goats. So fun.


Photo #5:
Title: Love

Flamingo affection. Aww.


Photo #6
Title: Family

My friend and colleague, Sandra with her family. Aren’t her parents sweet?


Photo #7
Title: Selma

Our blogging community has been going through Selma’s recipe collection and recreating different dishes in her honor. I chose to make her Tomato and Chard Crostata. It was delicious. Thank you, Selma. You are missed.


Photo #8
Title: Bailey

I realized I have not tortured Bailey with the camera much lately. Well, not the big camera anyway. So I took about a hundred. Here is one. ๐Ÿ™‚


I have one last photo to share with you. This picture wasn’t taken in July, but back in 2009 when I completed my teaching credential program. This is one of my dearest friends, Laura. I’m sharing this picture with you because Laura had a massive stroke last week and needs prayers and healing light. If anyone can overcome this, she can. You’ve got this, Lolo. We love you. โค



  1. Some very nice photos, Bo. You’ve done a nice job capturing some beautiful moments. I love the photo of Laura and you–she will get through this.

  2. Those photos are awesome. Please send my best wishes to Laura and I hope to see her soon. Be strong for Laura, Bo!

  3. You should teach me photography someday, Patty! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I love love all the photos! That Bailey! So adorable! โค

    Oh, Laura. I pray she gets better soon. Sending you lots of love and Laura prayers. Be strong. xx

  4. Oh, it won’t be so bad starting the new school year. It only means I am getting closer to retirement. As usual, the photos are fabulous. I still have to choose a photo to hang in my living room. So many beautiful choices!

  5. Lovely photos, Patty! I’m sad to see July go, tooโ€“summer is going much too quickly! I love the photo of Bailey ๐Ÿ™‚ And praying for your friend Lauraโ€“hope she is doing better!

  6. Bailey steals the show!

    Sending happy thoughts and good vibes for your friend Laura.

    I am heart broken about Selma! Life is precious; let’s not waste time eating bad food. Selma would most likely agree.

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