2015 12-Month Project || August

Teaching started up a few weeks ago so my brain is a bit like mashed potatoes right now. Please excuse my brevity this month. 😛

Photo #1
Title: Wall of Wishes

We stumbled upon this huge interactive art installation at the Toronto Waterfront during the Planet IndigenUS festival.


Photo #2
Title: Thinking of You

This was my contribution. I think of you everywhere I go, Lolo. You’re going to beat this.


Photo #3
Title: Niagara Falls

These are really big waterfalls.


Photo #4
Title: American Falls

Do you see the itty bitty people near the bottom right of the falls? I’m going there next time.


Photo #5
Title: Whoosh

Holy guacamole, I was so nervous standing near the raging waters with my camera. This was taken from the U.S. side in Buffalo, NY. We decided that we prefer viewing the falls from this side. It’s quite dramatic!



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