2015 12-Month Project || September

I turned 33 this month. Or, as my friend Laura would encourage me to say, I turned twenty-thirteen. 😉 The only upside to another birthday is that I had about half a dozen birthday dinners and lunches. So much good food, and more importantly, great company! ❤

Photo #1
Title: Arch Rock

A long exposure shot of Arch Rock (couldn’t they have picked a more ah, creative, name??), located off Goat Rock Beach on the Sonoma Coast. This was a 105-second exposure. Such fun until my two-month old intervalometer decided to stop working for no good reason. 😦

Please click on the image to see the full-sized version. I promise it’s way better! 😀


Photo #2
Title: Goat Rock Sunset

A 15-second exposure. Not as exciting as 105 seconds, that’s for sure. 😉


Photo #3
Title: Arch Rock, Round 2

I have a nice boyfriend. He drives me back to desirable shooting locations so I can push my creative photography boundaries. This is another view of Arch Rock, taken the next day around noon. Yes, it had to be noon because we were homeward bound from our delightful weekend getaway.


Photo #4
Title: Ronan

If we are connected through IG or FB, you have already met Ronan. He is so cute.


To end this month’s post, I thought I’d share a poignant quote I came across recently. Enjoy and I’ll see you back here in a month! ❤



  1. I love the ending quote. How many hours were you at arch rock? As my mum would say, you turned 25 and a bit (she still says that about her age!) ❤

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