2015 12-Month Project || November

One more month and I’ll be done with another photo project! Part of me is reconsidering my commitment to year-long projects. Then the other part of me feels otherwise. Well, I have a month to figure it out. 🙂

November was super busy photography wise. Four photo sessions plus a day of shooting on a field trip. Here are a few highlights:

Photo #1
Title:  Great Grandmother


Photo #2
Title:  Sweet Giggles


Photo #3
Title:  Bookworm



  1. Lovely images. My thoughts are that projects do force you to look at things differently, or shoot things that you might not normally, but as you say they are a lot of commitment.

  2. A year long commitment? Wow, that is quite an engagement! Your photography is outstanding, love the black and white, it does tell a different story doesn’t it?

  3. Your photo’s are so beautiful, they tell a story and you can see emotion, feelings, I wish I could put into words exactly what I mean but it’s hard. Your photo’s breathe, they are alive. I know your 12 month is a big committment but I hope to see it in 2016, it is wonderful.

  4. This sounds familiar, hehe, last year when your project came to an end you were aso wondering what to do. Or maybe dont do anyproject, just post randomly as you wish! I love the bookworm photo ❤

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