2015 12-Month Photo Project || December

Another completed photo project for the books! Although I was debating on whether to continue, I know it’s best that I do, otherwise I’ll fall into a photography funk and then write blog posts to complain about it. 😛

The month of December flew by, of course, and with it came a much needed two week break from work. It also included a much needed creative outlet in the form of a one-day photography workshop in Marin and San Francisco. Aperture Academy did a great job and the instructors were fantastic. It was a perfect way to end my year.

Before I sign off, I want to thank all of you for your love and support this past year. It is what keeps me going! Also, I must send a special shout out to my blogging buddies–I love this community and have formed so many friendships as a result of my little spot here on WordPress. You’re all amazing people and I’m a better person for having you in my life! See you all in 2016!!

Much love,

Patty (and Bailey!)

Photo #1
Title:  Rodeo Beach

It was great fun working with the instructors at Aperture Academy. I was able to let go of the reins for once and ask for tips on shooting and composition.


Photo #2
Title:  The Golden Gate

We ended the workshop with a night shot of the Golden Gate. I wasn’t ready to leave!

(Please click on the image for a larger version.)


Photo #3
Title:  Twin Peaks

Luckily for me, my night didn’t end after the workshop. My friend, Stacy, and her husband, Jason, came to Sausalito to pick me up for an evening of night shooting.

(Please click on the image for a larger version.)


Photo #4
Title: Another Angle

This was taken from Baker Beach. We saw a lot of interesting things there! Sea monsters and naked men, to name a couple. So sorry, I do not have photographic evidence. Please just believe I’m not creative enough to make those things up. 😉

(Please click on the image for a larger version.)


Photo #5
Title: Sky

Stacy and I practiced for our next big photo assignment. Hopefully we’ll accomplish our mission in 2016!

(Please click on the image for a larger version.)



    • No creatures, please. We should take some day trips this year so I can take more pictures. What do you think? We’ll bring Audrey, my mom, and Sandra along for a girl’s day out?

  1. Always incredible, beautiful and mind blowing photographs. I am so happy to know you Patty and count myself so lucky to have gotten to meet your family as well. You are truly a wonderful all of you ,and I wish you a very Happy, prosperous, peaceful and amazing 2016. May all your wishes and dreams come true. A big hug please to Baileyt also.

    • I feel the same way about you, Suzanne! You’re an incredible soul and I am looking forward to our next visit in 2016! I wish you a year filled with love and joy. And plenty of delicious food! Bailey sends a big wet kiss back! Love you, dear friend.

  2. Hi Patty, it’s hard to imagine you would need to learn anything in the area of photography, but that’s the beauty of a craft/art . . . you can always go deeper . . . into the pockets as well! Stunning pics . . . . are you still going to be posting food and recipes or not any more?

    • Thanks, Sue! I’m in the process of watching photography courses through CreativeLive as well. I’d rather learn on location, of course, but hopefully I’ll glean some insights through this as well. As for food and recipes, I’m working on a post for FF 100, which should be done soon!

  3. Gorgeous you and equally gorgeous is your work. What a fabulous collection. Rodeo beach took my breath away! Intense, poetic and what a brilliant angle. I wish I lived closer to have learnt from you.
    2016 will bring more power to your wings❤️❤️

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