2016 Monthly Photo Project || August

I am two days late posting for August. I have no good excuse other than I am too busy all of the time, even for photo editing!

August was pretty great photography wise. I was finally able to get out and shoot the Milky Way! So exciting!

Also, I turned 34 today. Lots of mixed feelings about it, but I had a great day filled with love and happiness. Many changes happened during year 33, hopefully there will be more positive ones in year 34. Fingers crossed.

Photo #1
Title: Loon Lake

My first Milky Way shot! With a shooting star!


Photo #2
Title: S and the Milky Way

If you’re connected with me through FB or IG, you’ve seen this image. It is probably my all time favorite.


Photo #3
Title: Lake Camanche

Loon Lake was so fun, we headed out to Lake Camanche the weekend after for more Milky Way madness. You can see the light pollution much more clearly here.


Photo #4



  1. Hello Patty,

    Belated birthday wishes 🙂

    What a way to treat us!!! thank you so much for the birthday party with the stars 🙂

    Absolutely stunning images… the second one is truly a jaw dropping one…

    I used to wonder how these kind of night sky images are captured !!!

    Thanks again for sharing and have a peaceful and successful year ahead 🙂

  2. It is impressive how each one of these is unique. I am constantly blown away by your images. The ones from Loon Lake are amazing but it is crazy how you made old Lake Comanche look like the Serengeti Plain. Happy birthday!

  3. Your photos are bowling me over, Patty!!! Just so stunning! What an amazing opportunity you had to see and capture such beauty! Happy Birthday to you too! You are so young and soooo talented! I wish you an amazing year filled with much beauty! 🙂

  4. I love all your milky way images, though yes number 2 is awesome!!! As you already know, wishing you lots of love and happiness for your new year ahead ❤

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