2016 Monthly Photo Project || October

Usually October is the looongest month of the school year. This year it was the third week of October before I realized it was October. Today I looked at my calendar and said “Holy shit” out loud when I realized Thanksgiving is three weeks away. Egads! With a booked holiday photography season plus a bajillion other things to do, I feel a bit frazzled all of a sudden. So without further ado, here are this month’s photos.

Photo #1
Title: Eyes

This is my third session with Denise and her family. Janae’s eyes always make it into my favorite images from each gallery.


Photo #2
Title: Big Siblings

Soon Janae will be a big sister twice over, and Andrew will be a big brother. Perhaps we should call him Big Buddy from now on instead of just Buddy. 🙂




  1. Patty! I always love your photographs! You are amazing at capturing special moments. I feel really lucky that you are in my life! XOXOXOXOX

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