2016 Monthly Photo Project || November

November is drawing to a close and December is already overwhelming me with a jam packed schedule. This month saw six photo sessions, a visit from my brother and his fiance, and another wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. It was great having an entire week off from work. But all that time off just reminded me how much I prefer not working. Until I went back to work and remembered it’s not as bad as I make it out to be in my head. Two and a half more weeks until winter break. Wheee! 😀

Photo #1
Title:  Sibling Love

Kaitlyn and Ryan! ❤


Photo #2
Title:  Family

We take family photos every time my brother and Sofie come home to visit. Bailey would rather not. 😛


Photo #3
Title: One of These Colors is Not Like the Other

Obviously I didn’t get the “wear burgundy” memo.



  1. I love your family photos Patty! It doesnt matter that you didnt wear burgundy, I love your fun car top more! 🙂
    So cute little grumpy Bailey 🙂

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