2018 Weekly Photo Project || Week 1

Week 1

My friend and fellow photographer buddy, Denise (www.denisewiddersphotography.com), and I have committed to a weekly photo project this year. As my job satisfaction continues to dwindle, I have been working on balancing life with things that bring me joy. So back behind the camera I go, even when I am very tired (like right now) and don’t feel like being productive (like right now).

Lots of great things have happened since my last blog post six months ago. We got married in October and went on our honeymoon in Mexico City last week. My first photo for the project is a street photography shot of Madero Avenue at the Zócalo. I wanted a moody, monochromatic feel to capture the essence of the city, since there is always so much noise, hustle, and bustle.

This was taken with my new Fujifim X100F, fixed 23mm f2 prime lens.



  1. Great job Patty! I love this picture a lot. Also, seems like when you are on vacation, you might as well embrace that people are going to be in your picture even when you do not want them too. You are so talented!! I need to check in with Aubrey to see how she is doing. 🙂

    • This year I’m trying to embrace all the things that normally bother me about photography! That includes people in my travel photos. It’s not easy to take one where people are part of the scene rather than just awkwardly interfering. Looking forward to seeing Aubrey’s photos!

  2. Congratulations Patty! I love Mexico City!! I haven’t been there for a number of years, but it is one of my favourite cities in the world, with some really awesome memories. Your photo captures its essence well. Looking forward to your weekly pics.
    Happy New Year to you!

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