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My sweet Bailey bear, It has been four days since you passed away, and oh how my heart aches for you. My grief has grown and morphed into feelings that I cannot describe. There have been ups and downs, and the downs have been so low, so crippling. Each day I wake up to a new pain, and each day I wonder when it will subside. As the shock begins to fade, the crushing weight of reality knocks the breath out of me. I struggle to come to terms with the fact that you are really gone. It happened so quickly, and the memories of you running and jumping around are so fresh, so clear, that the stark contrast of the situation makes me break down in tears over and over again. Bailey, my love, I know you were sick, but you were doing so well. I keep wondering if your heart valve hadn’t ruptured, if you’d still be here. The two months since your prognosis filled me with such hope. You took incredibly well to the …

2017 Monthly Photo Project || January

I barely picked up my camera this month. Which is not so bad, considering I barely put it down the last couple of months. Ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows. As some of you may already know, my little Bailey bear was diagnosed with congestive heart failure this past week. It was unexpected and I’m in the process of getting him the best treatment possible. I need my little guy to stick around as long as he comfortably can. It gives me hope that he is doing well otherwise and remains in good spirits. Photo #1 Title:  Bailey Photo #2 Title:  Squinty Eyes This is the face he gives when he doesn’t want me to take pictures of him.

Artwork by Miss Beretta

Not long ago, Prudy, over at Butter, Basil, and Breadcrumbs, unveiled her new blog header, featuring artwork by Marielle over at Miss Beretta. I loved Marielle’s style so much that I emailed her about drawing up some portraits of Bailey and me. Marielle is as sweet as can be and amazingly talented. Don’t you agree?? I think she captured Bailey’s personality perfectly. And that’s no easy task given that it’s one big one! 😉 You can check out her post on these drawings here.

Bailey on the Bus!

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation at my school about the Vietnam War and my own personal history as a refugee/boat person. I have given this presentation for four years now, and my parents have joined me for the last two. It can get a bit emotional and there is always a handful of students and staff who need tissues halfway through. I was going to share one of the videos I put together on this blog, but complications arose, WP wants me to pay $60/year for VideoPress, then I got busy so it never happened. Anyhow, long story short, my family and I escaped Vietnam by boat when I was two and a half years old, stayed in three different refugee camps in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore for ten months, then arrived in the U.S. in 1985. My parents are amazing people and have worked tirelessly since then to care for our family. They are entrepreneurs and have owned and operated their own thriving furniture business for over 20 years. I am …

Bailey, a.k.a Sir Fluffy Bottoms

This is a random post inspired by a picture of Bailey I took this afternoon. I have over 1500 pictures on my cell phone and approximately 1400 of them are of Bailey. Although I love snapping pictures of him, he hates it and tries to avoid eye contact at all costs. Doesn’t stop me, however! If you haven’t realized by now, Bailey is a well-loved and pampered little pooch. My mom often gives me boiled chicken to give him as an occasional treat. When she does, I cut it up into small pieces and sprinkle it over his food bowl as a nice accompaniment to the kibble. Bailey, however, takes after me and doesn’t like for his food to touch. So what does he do? He spits all the kibble out on the ground and eats all the chicken by itself. What a diva.

The Misadventures of Mr. Bailey Nguyen

Bailey loves going on trips. He always knows when he gets to go somewhere and hurriedly hops in his carrier, impatiently waiting to be picked up and packed in the car. Bailey has a major fear of missing out, so he often runs and dives into his carrier even if he has been told he needs to stay home. Also, if he feels that you are dawdling and he has been sitting in his carrier too long (anything over a minute seems long to Baybay), he will bark and yell at you to hustle your bustle. I know I say this far too often, but Bailey has the biggest and funniest personality. He makes me laugh every day and I love it. Last Friday we took Bailey to San Francisco. One of his favorite activities in the city is walking around Golden Gate Park. Although he is a little fellow, he can walk for miles on end with limitless enthusiasm. His only dislike is when I stop to take pictures and interrupt his flow. As …